Las Vegas Clues and Tips

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Las Vegas is even more fabulous than just a few years ago. Hotels are bigger, signs are brighter, hotel decor is even prettier.

There are a few hints that may make the trip more enjoyable.

Make your Vegas show selections in advance.

There is so many interesting things to see and experience that no one can make a recommendation. Google Las Vegas and you will have trouble sifting through the many things to see and do even on a short trip.

Hotel ‘Resort Fees’ are the norm.

UBER is available in Vegas, except for departing major hotels. Some of those hotels have a shared ride pick up point, but it is not the front door.

Personal car parking is not always free anymore for visitors at casino hotels.

The days of the $1.99 steak dinner are long gone.

Excessive tipping is always expected.

This is the most important thing about Las Vegas, bring half as much stuff and twice as much money.  😉